Posted on February 01, 2018 17:23

Look What We Accomplished in 2017


The parish made some capital improvements in 2017 along with purchasing Chrome books and Ipad’s for the school. Thank you for your support to St. Theodore.  The parish and school were also fortunate to receive scholarships and grants from the archdiocese.  List below is an itemized list of these improvements, purchases and grants:

Grants/Scholarships/Fundraising for Bleachers
Jun-17 Trivia Night funds raised for bleacher $10,465.00
Mar-17 Beyond Sunday Parish Award $55,828.00
Sep-17 Beyond Sunday Parish Award $11,025.00
Nov-17 Beyond Sunday Scholarship (this fisc year) $6,750.00
Nov-17 Alive In  Christ Grants (this fisc. Year) $11,750.00
Jul-17 Viability Grant from Archbishop $40,000.00
Capital Improvements:
Jun-17 New Boilder system installed $95,895.00
Jun-17 New bleachers installed $27,529.00
Jun-17 New flooring on stage area in gym $3,517.00
Jun-17 New carpeting in kindergarten room $3,070.00
Jul-17 Rectory Paint/flooring/computer/update bedding $5,887.00
Jul-17 Purchase chome books for school $10,710.00
Jul-17 Purchase Ipads for school $7,500.00
Jul-17 Charging Cart & licenses $2,869.00
Dec-17 gift to parish (donated funds to cover exp) $1,750.00

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