St. Theodore has three major fundraiser annually; February Dinner Auction always the last Saturday of the month, July Parish Picnic always the third Sunday of the month and September Fall Festival always the third Sunday of the month.  These three major fundraising events support the parish and the school helping with expenses to operate our facility.

How do I inquire about holding a fundraising event? 

  • First, please contact the parish office to set the date
  • If this is a new type of fundraiser, it will require approval by Parish Council before proceeding

Are there certain guidelines to follow?

  • Yes
    • You do not want to host a fundraising event on the same weekend that another fundraising event is already scheduled on.
    • We try not to have too many fundraising events going on in a given month.
    • ABSOLUTELY NO additional fundraising in February, so as not to detract from our Dinner Auction.
    • All flyers/ advertising of the event are to be approved through the pastor and parish office.
  • There is a limit on fundraising from different organizations associated with the church and school. Members of parish council will need to know what the dollar amount goal is and what the funds will be used for. In particular, if excess funds are raised, the organization has to seek the advice from Parish Council regarding how the extra funds are distributed.

Are there any fees associated with fundraising?

  • If you bring in an outside service or entertainment group, you can incur fees.
  • Also, if liquor is involved you have to work with the facilities coordinator when ordering beer and wine.  You cannot sell ‘donated’ beer and alcohol.
  • The parish also will charge 4% of the net profit to cover daily operating expenses; electric, water, facility use, administrative costs, etc.
  • If you do any type of fundraising on your own (non-sponsored by St. Theodore); then the Archdiocesan liability insurance does not cover this event. Furthermore, it is suggested that it not be advertised under St. Theodore name, but you can, in smaller print say “Proceeds to benefit _________”.