RCIA - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Are you interested in the Catholic Faith? Do you want to know what we believe? RCIA is a wonderful program that will take you through the journey to become Catholic. Meetings are usually once a week. They start in September and go through to the Holy Saturday Vigil of Easter, where candidates will complete their journey into the faith. Meetings are determined by the facilitator. 
For more information contact the Parish Office: 636.332.9269

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RCIA class will begin late September
Contact:  DeaconDan at deacon.dford@sainttheodore.org or
the Parish Office, 636.332.9269

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is for:

  • Unbaptized... persons at the age of reason (7 years and older) who follow a process to help them grow in awareness to God's call to conversion as well as ways to respond to that call. They are considered catechumens.
  • Baptized in Another Christian Church... those catechized and uncatechized persons from a faith tradition other than Catholic who are seeking full communion with the Roman Catholic Church (Eucharist and Confirmation). They are considered candidates.
  • Baptized but uncatechized Catholic Adults... persons who were baptized as infants in the Catholic Church yet not given any religious upbringing within the Catholic Tradition. These adults will be prepared to celebrate the sacraments of penance, confirmation and eucharist. They are also considered candidates.

In the case of children who have reached the age of reason (age 7), Fr. Gerber should be consulted for information about Baptism and the other Sacraments of Initiation.

Adult Catholics who were baptized and received their First Eucharist in the Catholic Church and are interested in the Sacrament of Confirmation should contact Deacon Dan at deacon.dford@saintntheodore.org, or the parish office: 636.332.9269