Youth Group

This is a place where young people (middle & high school aged youth) can walk alongside their peers and all grow together in their Catholic faith. Through this community, young people are able to grow in holiness on their way to sainthood. We pray that they will be inspired to live as active members of the church in the world.This group will be built through authentic community, shared Prayer and worship, small group discussions, teaching, and discipleship.

Events and meetings will specify which age group, middle school or high school, is able to participate in that particular activity.


Ablaze Ministries 

Ablaze Ministries is a missionary organization that carries out youth ministry here at St. Theodore's Parish. We seek to foster discipleship in young people, ministers, volunteers, and families. Ablaze Ministries desires to see growth in each of our young people; that they may see the glory of the Lord in their lives, the Church, and the world. 


Core Team:

The Core Team serves the youth of st. Theodore's Parish by leading small groups and creating a safe place for faith sharing. Core Team members receive spiritual formation, training, and instruction on the church's teachings. Together this team forms a community where gifts are developed and appreciated. They are empowered to walk with young people and share their faith with them.