Posted on March 07, 2018 15:17

The myParish App is a wonderful tool and font of information at your fingertips. For instance, you have instant access to the Daily Readings, The St. Louis Review, and to Reflections on Sunday's Readings by Scott Hahn.

But wait there is more!

  • Our calendar of events and our bulletins are there for you to refer back to for information.
  • Groups. Our ministries and committees can communicate within their own group setting... you can inform each other of cancellations or of a change of venu. Or even spark a discussion.
  • Are you trying to get into the habit of praying regularly or to start a particular devotion? There is a list of prayers that you will have access to and if you want to say the 3:00 Prayer daily at 3:00, you can set yourself a reminder! If you want to get into a better routine of going to confession, you can set yourself a reminder for that, too!
  • Does your personal calendar have you all over town and you need to find another church to attend Mass or to go to Confession? Maybe you are away on vacation and don't recall passing a Catholic Church. You can search for churches by name, city or zip.
  • The Parish Office can send messages, too. For instance we use the App to relay friendly reminders and to keep you apprised of funeral arrangements.

What are you waiting for? Download the myParish App now! Text App to 88202 or look for it on through either the App Store or Google Play.


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