New Communication Methods

Posted on March 18, 2020 in: General News

Father Peter has gotten our parish set up with Flocknotes as a method of mass communication. He sent out his first message the evening of March 17th. We know it worked because some people were able to update their contact information or called family and friends to make sure they received the message, too, and then people called us in the office to update our database and get added to the "flock". 

How do we plan to use this system: We prefer to email everyone to keep them up to date particularly while we are all self isolating. When things return to normal it would be our prefered method of letting the parish know if someone dies and what the arrangements are. If there is an emergency or urgent message to send out, that is when we would like to text people. 

We do not have emails on all members:

If you received a Text only and unsubscribed yourself from receiving texts, please consider giving us your email... just email Julia: 

If you did not receive a text nor an email, please consider contacting Julia and she will update our records and add you to the 'flock', too.

If you know parishioners that don't use cell phones or computers, please share information with them as you receive it.

Julia - 636-332-9269;

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