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While the Archdiocese of St. Louis has set our boundaries as below,

we welcome all people who wish to join our parish family.

Starting at a point just south of the intersection of Schultz Road and the St. Charles County/Warren County line;

East on an imaginary line south of Scottie Road to Highway 61;

Southeast on an imaginary line from Highway 61 to the point where the extension of Edinger Road would meet Pittman Road;

North on the extension of Edinger Road and Edinger Road itself (both sides) and Parr Road (both sides) to Highway P;

East on Highway P to Bastean Road; North on Bastean Road and its extension to the Cuivre River;

North on the Cuivre River to Crooked Creek;

West on Crooked Creek and Butcher Creek to Highway 61;

South on Highway 61 to the Big Creek (St. Charles County/Lincoln County line);

West on Big Creek to the Western boundary of the St. Charles County line;

South on the St. Charles County line to a point just South of Schultz Road.

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